About Company

Vibrance Beauty is online beauty store that brings its customers luxury beauty brands from around the world.

All products on our platform are carefully selected and tested by our team. We are always on the lookout for brands that use innovative ingredients and conduct comprehensive research as well as share our values and ethics.

Our mission is to raise awareness about better skincare and healthy skin.


Working in the industry requiring relocation and travelling, my job has taken me to South Africa, Australia and then to the Netherlands.

Living in different environment, I started noticing how climate patterns are affecting my skin. I have faced with skin conditions that I have never had issues before. Trying to find a solution for my skin I started thoroughly researching the brands, ingredients and innovations in skincare formulations. I have discovered brands that are not widely known and I fell in love with their products. 

My own experience inspired me to create Vibrance Beauty platform to bring together brands and introduce them to Vibrance Beauty community.

We always love to hear your experience with us, please share with us on #vibrancebeauty.



Founder of Vibrance Beauty