Skincare routine for sensitive skin

If you identify yourself as having a sensitive skin, here, in this article we made a guideline for basic routine.

  • Use gentle cleansing products
  • Restore the skin barrier and moistiruze. Study shows that regular use of moisturizer helps to improve barrier function if used 4 month in duration and did decrease skin sensitivity.
  • Protect your skin. Use SPF products everyday and avoid long sun exposure.
  • Use antioxidants that helps to protect skin barrier
  • Avoid products with alcohol, high concentrations of essential oils, alcohol, high concentrations of preservatives. Also take in mind that some plant extracts can also irritate the skin.
  • Use products that reduce skin irritation
  • If you would like to use exfoliating acids into your routine, first restore your skin barrier and then slowly introduce the acids depending on your goal
  • Avoid using prolonged hot shower that potentially may dry your skin and use moisturizer straight after shower

Products that are suitable for sensitive skin

  • Josh Rosebrook’s Complete Moisture Cleanser
  • Emma Hardie’s Moringa Gel Cleanser
  • Hello Sunday sunscreens
  • Josh Rosebrook Daily Acid Toner
  • Josh Rosebrook Vital Balm Cream